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Alumni Inspiration

Meet the three Fulbrighters making their mark in film and media

In this alumni inspiration feature, we interview and highlight the incredible work and accomplishments of three Jordanian Fulbrighters (Hind, Jude, and Rand) who in the past few years have been leaving their mark in media and film both regionally and internationally.

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Alumni Inspiration: Dr. Fares Braizat

For the second and final long feature under the 75th Anniversary celebrations, Fulbright Jordan sat down with Dr. Fares Braizat, and filmed an interview highlighting his career path, as well as being part of the Fulbright alumni network.

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Dr. Rana Dajani: Fulbrighter and Renowned Jordanian Scholar

Over the years, Dr. Dajani received two Fulbright awards; the Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship to pursue her Ph.D., and years later received the Scholar Research Award at Yale University. This feature also includes our first video interview of this series.

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News & Updates

March 31, 2023

Launching of the Fulbright Advisor Project at GJU

February 23, 2023

My firsts as a Fulbrighter

Fulbright Foreign Student Program grantee, Rajaie Nassar, has been very much enjoying and making the best out of every moment of his program! Read more about his experience so far in this short blog

February 6, 2023

Staff Exchange between the Fulbright Commission in Jordan and the UK

As part of the Fulbright team’s constant efforts to develop and enhance its programming and operations, the Fulbright Commissions in Jordan and the UK arranged a staff exchange to share knowledge, best practices, and enhance teamwork.

December 18, 2022

International Education Week in the Eyes of Eleanor Harlan

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