The Fulbright House in Jordan

The Fulbright House is in the district of Abdoun, in Amman. It is ideally situated and in proximity to many shops, hotels, restaurants, and public transportation including the Amman Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).

The Fulbright House serves Jordanian and American Students, Scholars, and Professionals. It offers both its Jordanian and American grantees and alumni a location to meet informally in our Library. During the warmer months, our outdoor space offers a relaxing site for Fulbrighters to meet and socialize.

The Fulbright House hosts the In-Country Orientation Week for new, U.S. grantees. During the annual orientation, new grantees meet with a variety of local and international presenters including Jordanian Fulbright alumni, to discuss Jordanian and regional politics, economy, religion, society, and more. Mailboxes are available for all American Fulbrighters to use throughout their stay.

The Fulbright House also hosts discussions, training activities, lectures, town hall meetings, and holiday events such as Ramadan Iftars and Thanksgiving dinners.

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