April 8, 2021

Announcing the ACOR–Fulbright Jordan Lecture Series

This year, the Fulbright Commission in Jordan is starting a joint lecture series partnership with ACOR (American Center of Research) hosting alumni of the Fulbright award discussing important topics related to the work ACOR has been doing in Jordan since 1971.

The Binational Fulbright Commission in Jordan and the American Center of Research (ACOR) are pleased to announce the launch of the collaborative ACOR-Fulbright lecture series. This lecture series celebrates the careers and the lasting contributions of alumni of both programs, coinciding with the everlasting impact of the Fulbright Program worldwide in its 75th anniversary and the 50th year of ACOR fellowships, the first of which was awarded in 1971. The American Center of Research (ACOR) and Fulbright Jordan partnership extends to decades of mutual support to thousands of researchers in Jordan and the United States. 

The ACOR-Fulbright lecture series will include two events this year featuring alumni and recipients of ACOR fellowships or Fulbright awards to share the contributions and experiences of bright expert alumni of both research programs.

The first lecture will be delivered by Dr. Maysoon Al-Nahar, the Dean of Archeology at the University of Jordan. Dr. Al-Nahar received the Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship in 1995 and got her PhD from the University of Arizona. Dr. Maysoon Al-Nahar has collaborated with and supported the work of a number of ACOR fellows over the years. 

Please note that Dr. Maysoon Al-Nahar’s lecture will be delivered in Arabic with translated English aides.

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You can register for the first lecture delivered by Dr. Maysoon Al-Nahar here.  

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