September 13, 2023


As the former Executive Director of the Binational Fulbright Commission in Jordan (1994 – 2020), I am pleased to add my personal appreciation of Ms. Iman Abdul-Wahid’s very comprehensive contributions over her 20+ years of devoted service to the Commission.

Besides her unflagging professionalism and dependability, she brought other indispensable talents to the job.  I always appreciated her innate sense of protocol, how to treat people both kindly and correctly.  She also understood the Commission’s responsibility to ensure that our visiting U.S.grantees to Jordan had safe and positive experiences. At the same time, she was dedicated to preparing our Jordanian grantees for their American journeys.

Her work ethic was unparalleled – a model to all the staff. Ms. Iman also cultivated discreet, high-level contacts with our partners throughout the Kingdom which served us very well. There was no bureaucratic challenge she could not resolve – and there were many – through her patience, perseverance, and grace.  Ms. Iman also had a keen sense of human character which we could always rely on as being fair and accurate.

I depended on Ms. Iman enormously in the smooth running of every aspect of the “Fulbright House”.  During the unavoidable local or regional tensions impacting the Commission’s exchange programs, Ms. Iman was indispensable in maintaining a sense of reassuring normalcy.

 I always considered Ms. Iman as one of the pillars of the Commission’s reputation and success in Jordan and in the U.S.  I feel grateful and honored to have been her colleague.  I know that she will be dearly missed by all who have come to know Ms. Iman throughout the past two decades. Congratulations on her well-deserved retirement!


Alain McNamara

Exec. Dir. (Ret.), 1994-2020

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