February 6, 2023

Staff Exchange between the Fulbright Commission in Jordan and the UK

As part of the Fulbright team’s constant efforts to develop and enhance its programming and operations, the Fulbright Commissions in Jordan and the UK arranged a staff exchange to share knowledge, best practices, and enhance teamwork.

 The Fulbright Program always aspires to provide its applicants, grantees, and alumni with the most of the Fulbright opportunities; this is achieved through a constant process of growth and development. And to ensure that, the Fulbright Commissions in Jordan and the UK had a staff exchange to enable their staff to exchange best practices and experience.

Through this exchange, the Fulbright Commission in Jordan hosted UK Postgraduate Program Manager, Angelina Avricevic, for two months, during which she engaged with the Jordanian team in many aspects of the program including, outreaches, selection process, and engagement.

Angelina at the Fulbright House in Jordan

When asked about her experience during this exchange, Angelina shared: “I was lucky to join my colleagues on two outreach trips, one to Al Hussein Technical University (HTU) in Amman and the other to Tafila Technical University (TTU) in Tafila; this reinspired my keenness for in-person outreaches and,  as luck would have it, I ended up running an impromptu Fulbright session with a group of undergraduate students from the University of Bradford at HTU. Also, it was refreshing to attend a meeting with representatives from German Jordanian University to discuss the Fulbright Program Advisors initiative without having to explain what Fulbright was – I guess something for Fulbright UK to aspire to!”.

After Angelina’s return, our Jordanian Programs Officer, Naser Malkawi, was hosted by the UK Commission in London, where he was introduced to how the Commission there manages the Fulbright Program.

When asked about his experience, Naser explained that it was fascinating to him see both the similarities and differences in how the programs are managed in both countries.

Angelina looking over downtown Amman and Naser by the London Eye

This opportunity was also rewarding for both Naser and Angelina on a personal level as well; they both had the chance to experience different cultures and got to see a glimpse of the other side’s culture and country.

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